Saturday, January 31, 2009

when I grow up (i want to kick the pussycat dolls a**'s)

"When I grow up/I wanna be famous/I wanna be a star/I wanna be in movies/When I grow up/I wanna see the world/Drive nice cars/I wanna have Groupies/When I grow up/Be on TV/People know me/Be on magazines/When I grow up/Fresh and clean/Number one chick when I step out on the scene"

Lets analyze this beautifully lyrical piece by the "pussycat dolls." First of all, I was always under the impression that it was "I wanna have boobies" instead of "I wanna have groupies" Therefore, I am slightly less horrified by this song. That being said, I am still utterly horrified by this song. "Where the Girls Are," a book by Susan Douglas, claims that society/pop culture/media gave women growing up in the 60's/70's two different views of themselves, that by societies standards they were supposed to be both a martyr and a sexually liberated women simotaneously. When you are listening to this song (and I am assuming that hopefully you are only listening to it by random chance) then please ask yourself this, "What is this song teaching young girls?" To me, this is the most blantant song about what our culture wants girls to aspire to. For myself, this song is, in a way, exactly what I aspired to as a young girl. Only I combated something even deeper, which inevitably was my shyness combined with my father's incissant drol about how lacking I was. It all added up to this, a liberated woman who is probably in the worst college for a liberal yet realizes who she is and where she stands. That being said, I don't think that so many young girls (and boys) are going to have as much luck. In any case, it will probably take 20 years of suffering before they do (like a certain someone).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

you have GOT to be kidding me with this one.

Someone literally said this on a comment post on utube:

"Those silly Commies think that demand for oil and coal will outpace supply. HAHAHAHAHA! Don't they know that the Faithful will get Raptured up to Heaven? Why should we care about leaving a clean and healthy Earth for all those nonbelievers to live on after we're gone?"

you have GOT to be kidding me. I I really don't even know where to start with this one. "Commies." The "Faithful" Faithful to what, exactly? Faithful to being an ass who only looks out for himself and and his ever important "Rapturing"? Faithful to being ignorant to what is actually in front of you?? Sometimes, when I hear comments like this, I just lose hope entirely in the human race. Think about it: if your god made this earth, then wouldn't it be just a LITTLE important to take care of it?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ambulance at noon

the sirens sounded like a child’s toy that day
she imagined the people in the ambulance,
miniature white men with perfectly round faces
black raisin dots for eyes
round bellies full of plastic hope.

as a child she would hear those same sirens
and always stop and pray for whoever was it was after
bow her head,
curl her fingers together like spiders attaching themselves
leg by leg
to their prey.

that is,
until she realized that most of the time
it was probably just a cop car
probably just a person
going to fast for this world.


a friend posted a link to this fish from, and I found it interesting.
the fish is seemingly immortal, because when it reaches full "sexual maturity" (aka- puberty) they revert back to "polyp" stage (immaturity). So basically they are humans.

-think they are immortal
-when they finally reach puberty, (aka- high school) they start acting like idiots
-think they are immortal
-youth is very important to them, as well as having many beautiful LONG tentacles


*in big boisterous voice, resembling crazy paster sunday morning* do you want to be saved! i said, do you want to be saved??

There is no one right way for people to live. Once you recognize it, it's perfectly clear that this is the story that was enacted here during the first three or four million years of human life. Of course, there's a clear sense in which ours is just a special case of a much wider story, written in the living community itself from the beginning, some five billion years ago: There is no one right way for ANYTHING to live.

-Daniel Quinn, "Beyond Civilization"

why green?

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see"
-Henry David Thoreau

first of all, I do not like the term "green" in the sense that it has been mass produced and consumerized by our society, like it is a new "fad" or, even worse, a new religion.

it is not.

to be green is to see the world in a different way. To view yourself as a living thing that is a part of the world, and not something created to control the world.

on that note, I better get this out of the way, and fast: I am agnostic. I have to tell you this because in our world it seems like religion has to shape who we are (I do not believe this).

Let me explain what agnostic means to me--
it means that I believe that some higher being created earth and animals and MILLIONS of years later, humans (who thus began, another ten million years later, to destroy the world--but that is only a certain human population).

agnostic means that even though I believe in this god, I do NOT believe that he created humans to rule the world. We are quickly becoming the most destructive species that has ever appeared on earth. This is because somewhere along the way a group of humans decided to try and act like god themselves, by fighting for land, deciding their particular race and beliefs were the only correct one, and in other ways I will later get to.

I worship what is right in front of me.
the world.

the bible says to "not conform to the world"
I want to believe that the author meant "do not conform to the ways humans" but sadly, that is probably an incorrect assumption.

Naomi Shihab Nye says in one of her poems:
Today the headlines clot in my blood.
A little Palestinian dangles a toy truck on the front page.
Homeless fig, this tragedy with a terrible root
is too big for us. What flag can we wave?
I wave the flag of stone and seed,
table mat stitched in blue.